Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We swam well against Coppell last night, but fell short on the team scores. Results are still in the "correcting" stage. Alyssa L. did win the 50 free, but was shown second. This and a couple of other corrections are being made. I'll pass final results along when I get them.

Coach Henry noted that our girls are doing a better job underwater. Let's keep working on this important aspect of our races.

Thanks to all the parents, grandparents, and siblings that attended our meet last night. There were plenty of close races and it definitely got loud. The kids appreciated the support!

If you check the THS athletics academic scoreboard, you'll see we're doing pretty well:

THS Girls' Swimming

Team GPA - 97

Rank - 1(t)

THS Boys' Swimming

Team GPA - 92

Rank - 2(t)

Let's keep doing the job in the classroom, group!

We'll be sharing rides to the Dragon Hunt Invite with Legacy and Summit. The buses will roll Saturday morning from the MISD Natatorium at 7:30 a.m.

In addition to the usual (suits, goggles, towels, etc.), you will want to include snacks/drinks and/or money for concessions. Due to the number of teams/swimmers and additional events, this meet will go well into the afternoon.

If you'll be riding home after the meet with your parents, please remember to get a release form filled out in advance.

After this weekend, I'll try to put together a season top ten list, just like last year's. Instead of posting it, though, we'll just print one copy and have the seniors make sure everyone gets a look.

Most of you know that, when it comes to picking up after ourselves, we've not been doing the job this week. A few swimmers took care of our area after last night's meet at the Coppell YMCA, but they shouldn't have had to. Please make it a point to:

Leave it better than you found it!

Let's have some great workout swims Thursday and Friday, then some fast swims Saturday.

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